Wendy Kwasny


Wendy Kwasny is an award winning fine artist in San Diego who specializes in oil and acrylic portraiture, still life, and landscapes.

She earned her BA in fine art from SDSU, and regularly shows her art at The Ashton Gallery in San Diego.  She is currently working out of Art on 30th and her home studio. 

Wendy has shown her work in venues all over San Diego in the past 25+ years, and has completed numerous commissioned pieces. 

Painting, and the creative process, really, is part of Wendy.  It’s innate in her world view, in her interactions with people and ingrained in her life.  The world can be chaotic place and painting centers her and brings her to a place of serenity, calm and confidence.  She brings that into her work with each brush stroke and careful color consideration, always trying to capture that certain unique something about someone to tell their story.

When she’s not painting, she is off playing with (and being inspired by) her family and friends.

Please feel free to contact Wendy at wendy@wendykwasny.com to discuss a special project, commission or to purchase a work of art.  Thank you for visiting!